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Q What is a septic permit

A The local government will request information from the supplier to enable a permit to install be granted. This will include site and floor plan drawings, a signed maintenance agreement and a fee paid to the local government and WA     Health Department. TMC undertakes this task on the owners behalf.

Q What is an ATU.

A This can be confusing as there are two meanings. Alternate Treatment Unit eg worm farm systems or Aerated Treatment unit which is the most common, in this system one of the chambers works by growing aerobic bacteria that decompose the soluable wastewater components.

Q Does the irrigated water smell.


A No, if there is odor then something in the system is wrong. Contact the service technician and he/she will investigate the problem that is normally easy fixed.

Q Is the water safe to drink.

A No. While the water is disinfected with chlorine killing harmful bacteria, some viruses are not killed. While ingestion can be harmful contact will not create health issues. Not withstanding local health authorities will always advise not to make contact with treated water.

Q Is the system noisy.

A Generally No, vibrations from the blower can create noise when it becomes in contact with the blower box. This is resolved by simply moving the blower a few centimeters away from the box.

Q Can the water be used for vegetables.

A No and is part of the health regulations and license permit.

Q Can the water be used for fruit trees.

A Yes. TMC will provide instructions on how to water fruit trees and remain compliant.

Q Does the system treat greywater.

A Greywater (showers and laundry) is loaded down with chemicals (cleaning products) and extremely difficult to treat. The ATU combines the biologically rich black water (toilet and kitchen wastes) with the greywater, the overall result is full treatment of both. A beautiful relationship providing clear odorless water for recycling.

Q Can I cover the tank.

A The tank lid must be clear to enable servicing. TMC has many examples of how to disguise the tank so it will blend in with the landscape. Common solutions include placing planter boxes over the tank that can be removed during servicing. On request TMC can provide artificial turf cut to fit the tank lid and blower box.

Q Can the blower box be located away from the tank.

A Yes, TMC will assist in anyway possible to make the installation fit the owners lifestyle and wishes.

Q What can I flush down the sink and toilet.

A There are does and don'ts. TMC will provide a manual to guide the home owner, in general terms no sanitary items should be flushed, oils, paints, metal objects small toys. If any of these items are flushed please make contact with TMC and we will work our way through the process of either removal or management.

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