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TMC designed wastwater treatment lagoon for

Solutions are based on available land, client priorities and site licensing. System designs vary from lagoon systems that require extensive land area to batch membrane bio-reactors (BMBR’s) that are significantly smaller in foot print. Sequence batch reactors (SBR) are our most common system type. SBR's have highly adaptable design parameters and strike a good balance between systems cost and effluent quality. Another common system configuration is based on extended aeration utilizing the return activated sludge process (similar to the SBR’s) and clarification augmented with chemical coagulation to enhance settleability.

Winery wastewater processing is very challenging as loads and volumes are seasonal, the design must be sensitive to load and volume variations while remaining simple to operate. PLC controls to automate and provide feedback to the operator are installed extensively however simple timing loops can suffice with more operator input.

TMC designed air diffuser manifold in large winery wastewater treatment plant
Large winery wastewater treatment plant (SBR)

As bacterial growth is significantly larger than normal human wastewater; managing sludge generation and dewatering is an essential component of any winery wastewater treatment system. We have designed a number of passive dewatering systems that have been in operation for over 10 years as a cost effective solution for smaller wineries. Larger the wineries become the more mechanical the sludge dewatering process is required such as filter belt presses and centrifuges. Fortunately most wineries can augment winery wastewater sludge and marc as compost then return it back to the vineyard closing the loop while water is generally utilized to irrigate vineyards.


We take a holistic approach to winery wastewater from raw water filtration to biological digestion and waste management, have over a decade of experience in the design, construction and operation of a wide range of winery designs and work closely with winery staff to achieve common goals

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