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ATU Servicing

ATU's are regulated by the Western Australian Department of Public Health. These regulations are set out in the form, of a Code of Practice which are interpreted and enforced by your local government. This code is not hard set law but a set of guidelines which contain actions which MUST be undertaken and others which are discretionary and give local authorities the ability to select which elements of the code best apply to their locality.

ATU servicing is a MANDATORY component of the Code of Practice as sewage treatment is deemed a matter of public health. The Code stipulates that ATU's must be serviced by a "authorised person" who has undergone the appropriate training to service a particular ATU. Heavy fines apply for breeches in this section of the Code.


The Code  states ATU's MUST be serviced QUARTERLY (every three months) to ensure operational standards are maintained. 


TMC's servicing branch is Ultraclear Servicing (UCS) and undertakes all servicing for WWTP's installed by TMC as well as other WWTP's located in the South West region.

Servicing typically ranges from $400 to $500 per year, depending on the size, type and location relative to Busselton.

This cost includes:

  • Replacement and cleaning of filters, baffles and inlets

  • Maintenance of disinfection system (cleaning/replacing of UV tubes or replacing chlorine tablets)

  • Assess and adjust system operation to suit changing household conditions i.e. holiday periods, extended stay visitors and absense

  • Check dissolved oxygen content of aeration chamber and settled sludge level.

  • Check sludge levels in all chambers.

  • Take samples of treated water, measure pH, turbidity, free chlorine if necessary  total nitrogen and phosphorous in our in house laboratory.

  • Assessment and reporting of system performance to local authority

  • Provide feedback to client on system operation.

  • Fast response call out (within 24 hours) for any system issues


If you are unhappy with your current service provider, please do not hesitate to contact UCS for an obligation free annual servicing quote.

Together with Hudson's Sewage Services we are able to service the following ATU's:

  • Biosystems 2000

  • Biocycle

  • Biomax

  • Aqua Nova

  • All Taylex products

  • Super-Treat


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