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TMC Water Recycling (TMC) is a family business established in 2002, dedicated to treatment and recycling of contaminated water. TMC uses a range of conventional and advanced technologies in both domestic and commercial environments.


We recognize water as a valued resource with waste water treatment being paramount to long term water resources sustainability. The technologies we deploy remove contaminants from water to satisfy regulatory requirements while working closely with our clients to achieve their needs in a cost effective and in a timely fashion.

Company History

Tony Johansen (principle), founded TMC in 2002 initially the company consulted to the Queensland Government and private companies in Papua New Guinea, in Western Australia provided management consultancy to companies owning large wastewater plants experincing operational problems.

The business quickly moved into the design, construction and operation of winery wastewater plants in the south-west of WA and Great Southern. Lagoons, SBR's (sequence batch reactor) and MBR's (membrane biological reactor) were built to satisfy very diversified client needs.

Together with son Aaryn public renewable fuel company Biodiesel Australia engaged TMC to assist in the commercialisation of their patented process to produce biofuel from traumertized oils high in free fatty acids. This involved the design and construction of research facilities and pilot plants to demonstrate the process.

 In 2011 TMC Australasia became the Western Australian distributor for TAYLEX INDUSTRIES, the largest provider of home ATUs for  treatment of home sewage


Together with his sons (Dyllan & Aaryn) TMC provide installation and servicing of ATU’s (aerated treatment unit) throughout the south-west including but not limited too:

  • Busselton                                         

  • Margaret River

  • Augusta

  • Bunbury

  • Harvey

  • Donnybrook

  • Ballingup

  • Collie

  • Capel

In 2015 TMC established Ultraclear Servicing WA Pty Ltd, a branch of TMC dedicated to servicing plants established by TMC and other waste water treatment providers including both domestic and commercial facilities.

June 2017 TMC announced Toowoomba Tanks as the prime provider of domestic ATU's to the WA market replacing Taylex. The change has enabled TMC to manufacture concrete ATU's in the south-west of WA under license from Toowoomba Tanks. The logistics of transporting concrete structures 4,000km was cost prohibitive, manufacturing locally will enable TMC to sell concrete tank systems significantly cheaper without compromising quality of construction and water treatment.

These days TMC focuses on providing wastewater solutions for industrial, commercial and domestic sectors using a wide range of processes tailored to each client need. Due to a wide range of associations our process solutions are not one dimensional, we take a holistic approach to every wastewater need.


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