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TMC Residential Wastewater Solutions

TMC is a locally owned and operated business that understands the needs of residents in the South West. Because we're local, we're able to attend site calls at short notice and provide first grade customer service. TMC is a specialty waste water engineering company who shares a host of graduate and post graduate degrees in the areas of chemical and environmental engineering.


We are not tradesman. We subcontract plumbing and electrical to local businesses that we support. TMC's strength is understands the waste water treatment process to the finest detail and has the knowledge to keep your wastewater treatment system running at an optimum level.

TMC is a supplier of Australian made treatment system TURBOJET SINGLE. We install systems that's performance exceeds Australian Standards and produces water suitable for surface and subsurface irrigation. 

The new Turbojet Single that supersedes the Barracuda conforms to AS 1546.3:2017 is an advanced design, not all manufacturers are complying to the stricter standard supplying under the older 2008 standard. Contact  TMC for more information on the impact of changes .

Built to last

The tanks TMC supply are purpose built - A One Piece Moulded Unit Eliminating any leakage caused by movement of internal walls - a common problem with other tanks that have mortar or silicone joints internally. This would allow contamination between compartments, hindering the treatment process and allowing untreated water to be irrigated into your garden.

TMC SUPPLIED TANKS NEVER REQUIRE A REBUILD. TMC supplies and services the best vessels for a treatment system in Australia.​ Tanks have been manufactured with internal walls that extend to the lid of the tank. This creates a larger than average buffer area to accommodate shock loads of waste that would normally cause flooding and contamination in a system. The lid of the tank contacts the top of the chamber walls to prevent solids transfer within the tank.

15 Year Warrenty

EVERY TANK is covered by a full manufacturer’s warranty. IMPORTANT: The 15 year manufacturers warranty  extends to the internal compartment walls as they are poured or moulded in one piece and can never dislodge. A 3 year* warranty on all electrical and mechanical components including the irrigation pump and air blower

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