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Septic Conversion 

Septic Conversion to ATU

Septic tanks have a long history of operation in Western Australia. The development of aerated treatment units (ATU's) over the last 40 years has been due in part to population growth and water way security. Local governments have pushed the spread of ATU's as a mechanism of treatment to protect the environment and health of communities. Notwithstanding septic tanks and leach drains dominate the landscape as a cost effective option for wastewater treatment.

Septic tank and leach drains are a form of water disposal with no added benefits or opportunities to recycle water. By replacing the septic/leach drain land occupied by the leach drain is now available to the owner; the two tank septic replaced by one tank ATU. Pump out frequency is reduced via the conversion.


  • Application to shire to decommission the septic/leach drain

  • Septic pumped out by licensed contractor

  • Septic tank and leach drain concrete structures removed

  • ATU installed including plumbing and power

  • Irrigation installed

  • Commissioning

  • Shire inspection

  • Permit to operate issued to the owner from the shire

Conversions of septic tank leach drains to ATU's is a relatively simple process providing access to the site is available eg crane and excavator typically 22T. Change over takes 2-4hrs limiting any disruption to the home or business.

Why change?

  • Leach drain in failing

  • Odour

  • Desire to recycle water

  • Directed by the local government authority

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