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Irrigation Systems

Effluent from ATU's is irrigated to designated areas called 'land application areas' (LAAs). LAAs can be either above ground or below ground depending on:

  • Type of system

  • Location

  • Lot size

  • Shire/Council guidelines and regulations


There are a range of other factors which can influence the type of irrgation system and the LAA location. TMC have installed ATUs in almost every locality in the South West region and can advise you on what irrigation system options apply to your site.

TMC installs both above and below ground irrigation systems. Standard above ground irrigation installation is included in the quoted install price. If below ground irrigation is desired or required by you local Shire/Council, TMC will provide a separate quotation for below ground irrigation.

Surface irrigation of ornamental garden under mulch

Above Ground Irrigation Systems

Sub surface irrigation of avocado trees under mulch.                 Avocado trees at 2yrs growth

Irrigation of Fruit Trees (AVOCADO)

Within the code of practice fruit trees can be irrigated. The above example avocado trees are irrigated by drippers covered with 100mm mulch

Western Australia domestic waste water systems are governed by the 'Code of Practice for the design, manufacture, installation and operation of aerobic treatment units' . This code specifies the type design parameters for ATU irrigation systems.

The code specifies that above ground irrigation sprinklers must produce a heavy droplet which does not form a fine aerosol which can be carried outside of the LAA. TMC was sucessful in the application to the WA Health department to install a simple above ground irrigation system in April 2013 comprising only 4 sprinklers delivering water to 150 sqm. This application is cost effective with low maintenance, the owner can see when the system is discharging and working correctly.

TMC installs the sprinkler system in most sites above 2000 sqm. Application of the sprinkler system varies from shire to shire with some requiring a cover of mulch.

Applications include ornamental gardens planted out with natives and tree lots.

Below Ground Irrigation Systems

TMC uses a pressure compensated subsurface irrigation dripper line on all sub surface irrigation areas. This dripper hose requires a particular pressure to open up the dripper and allow flow. This capability allows even flow distribution across the entire irrigation system. Other features such as flush and purge valves are also included for service maintenance.

Subsurface irrigation is installed in all sites less than 2000 sqm (Health Regulation). Common applications are lawn areas, tree lines and orchards (drippers covered in mulch).

Subsurface irrigation has maintenance issues TMC will advise on what equipment is required to minimise maintenance costs through the lifetime of the system.

Sub surface irrigation. Roll on turf in process of installation over drippers (drippers burried approx 100mm below surface)

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