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Installation Process

TMC takes care of all install steps and only requires the client to sign a form or two. TMC undertakes all Shire/Council applications and pays all associated fees (included in pricing). We guarantee the price we quote is the complete price, no hidden costs or extras. The installation process from inital enquiry to system approval is outlined below.

The tank lid must be proud of final ground level; we have deeper invert tanks or add riser rings. The picture to the left illustrates riser rings fitted to a standard tank. Backfill will cover the tank lid leaving the risers and blower box proud of ground level.

The location of the tank is decided by the owner, builder and TMC. Limitations are based on the standard product invert depth of 750mm, this is the depth the house sewer line meets the tank. We will only know if this invert suits the tank once the plumber has laid his pipe, this can be calculated however there are many variations that may occur and out of our control.

The final tank level must be proud of final ground level to avoid ingress of storm water.

With high water table we utilize a steel shoring box that the excavator digs from within, water is pumped out to provide a dry base for installation over blue metal.

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