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New Project


The Witchcliffe Eco Village developers Sustainable Settlements and Perron Group approached TMC Australasia to Design, Construct and Operate the proposed estate's wastewater treatment facility in June 2018.

The construction was budgeted at $3.6M with a maximum non potable water supply to the designated irrigation area (9Ha) of avocado's, 160kL/d.

The design is unique as it follows a strict guideline of sustainability with minimal waste and powered by renewable energy. In addition there was a concern that micropollutants would enter the environment from the wastewater plant; such as, pharmaceuticals, man made chemicals and personal care products. Equipment is proposed to oxidize and destroy or substantially reduce these chemicals at the wastewater plant, such an approach is not common in Australia or other countries.

Agreements were signed in June 2019 between Sustainable Settlements and TMC Australasia with the first task to obtain approvals from the WA Department of Health, WA Department of Environment, Water and Regulation and the Economic Review Authority.

The unique design required third party engineering review as a pre requirement from the Department of Health and the Economic Review Authority (ERA) before granting permits and licenses. The reviews supported the design although noted the approach was novel and not standard practice.

Authority to construct the proposed sewer network, wastewater treatment facility, irrigation storage lagoon and irrigation plantation were gained in November 2019 with TMC Witchcliffe Pty Ltd granted a Water License (ERA) to provide sewer services and supply of non potable water.

Civil works commenced February 2020 with the project timeline for stage 1 of the facility to be fully operational August 2021. 


Construction of 30ML irrigation lagoon March 2020. Vasse Civil

The facility design will incorporate a modular approach utilizing MBBR technology of upto 6 individual processing trains each with a 40kL/d capacity. The units are prefabricated over seas to TMC design requirements and delivered complete to site. The facility comprises a tank farm with 120kL raw and process water capacity and sludge storage. Sludge is dewatered onsite to 50% solids content. A comprehensive site laboratory will service the facility to NATA standards. The entire site is designed to be automated with minimal site manning requirements incorporating SCADA software.

Site 1.png

Architectural sketch of final site layout of plant

front view.PNG
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