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Power Useage

ATU's (aerated treatment units) are configured differently across the range of manufacturers. 

For a household of six (6) people assuming a throughput of 900L/d (150L/person/day) and the blower operating full time the total energy consumed per year 853 kWhr.

With a calculation 26.47c per kWhr the maximum cost of running your ATU is $225 per year.

Synergy apply tariffs to your bill subject to your provider and conditions that vary depending on region.

ATU systems comprise three electrical components:

  1. Nitto 80L/min blower               86 watts

  2. Davey D42 irrigation pump    350 watts

  3. Control /panel                            1 watt

While the irrigation pump is the highest power consumer its operation is on average 30 minutes per day, allowing 3 discharges per day. Limiting power consumption is via blower management.

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