Witchcliffe Eco Village


Witchcliffe Eco Village developers Perron Developments Pty Ltd and Sustainable Settlements Pty Ltd have engaged TMC Australasia Pty Ltd to design, build and operate the site sewer scheme, treatment and storage facilities. Treated effluent discharged to state approved irrigation recycling  standard.

TMC Witchcliffe Pty Ltd has been established to become the Water Licensee and asset owner. To become the Water Licensee approvals/permits must be granted from the Western Australian Department of Health, Western Australian Department of Water, Environment and Regulation and the Economic Review Authority. 

The sewer scheme will connect 415 lots with an anticipated maximum flow of 160kL/day to a central wastewater facility located within the development. Treated water will irrigate a 9Ha plantation predominantly avocados. The scheme project is valued at $3.6M.

The construction manager TMC Australasia Pty Ltd will  engage local subcontractors for the sewer scheme, treatment facility and irrigation field. Construction will be in stages to align with the Eco Village development.

Lead engineer Tony Johansen is committed to sustainability with the aim to have zero waste from the scheme and engage renewable energy technology to power the site. Several new technologies are incorporated in the design that follow global best practices.

Developing News

Department of Water, Environment and Regulation (DWER) Works Approval granted 24 September 2019 W6175/2018/1

Economic Regulation Authority Western Australia (ERA) Water Licence granted 1st November 2019. Lic 50

Department Of Health Western Australia (DoH) Water Recycling Approval (approval in principle) granted 8th November 2019

Mike Hume Director Sustainable Settlements and Tony Johansen Director TMC Australasia and the newly formed TMC Witchcliffe sign off June 26th 2019

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