Witchcliffe Eco Village


The project is progressing with the completion of the sewer network for stages 1 & 2 with house sites now in construction (April 2021).

The irrigation storage lagoon is complete fully lined and fenced (April 2021).

Built by Nature building company has been engaged to complete the buildings within the treatment plant site (March 2021).

All below ground concrete transfer tanks are installed together will drainage connections (Ready McGentty Plumbing). Prelay of  power and communications conduits installed (March 2021)

Site 1.png
front view.PNG

With the site pad now complete construction of the tank farm slab and building can commence. (May 2021)

Mike Tony Sign.jpg

Mike Hume Director Sustainable Settlements and Tony Johansen Director TMC Australasia and the newly formed TMC Witchcliffe sign off June 26th 2019

tank farm.JPG

Contractors have been tested with the onset of winter. The rammed earth tank farm bunding is complete and considerable progress is made on the site building (Built by Nature) June 2021


Covert similar to other projects has slowed the Witchcliffe project. Oct 2021 all site buildings are complete together with the installation of the first smaller MBBR bio reactor. The second MBBR to arrive in November together with the odor control equipment. Anticipate commissioning date December 2021