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EAGLE BAY    2016

Hiding an ugly tank into a practical feature

At Eagle Bay the client requested the tank not be in view. The tank was located in a strategic position in front of the house and adjacent to the alfesco area. Local carpenters built a seating area around the tank with hatches to gain entry to the manoles and blower to enable maintenance. The final product as seen below came in at $12,000 the same price as the tank fully installed. For more information  please make contact with TMC

GEOGRAPHE BAY RD. Dunsborough    2016

High volume domestic MBR 

3kL/d MBR for holiday house

During summer peak season the home would house up to 20 people combination of children/adults.

Site was tight, a conventional ATU would have twice the footprint.

The client requested the control system and blower not be located on the tank, a common request.

Control system and blower relocated 7 meters away into the car port.

Tank lid painted green to blend in with the lawn.

Christmas/New year 2017 experienced no alarms operating trouble free.


This is an example of TMC providing a custom solution to the client, off the shelf solutions from competitors  were not deemed appropriate by the client.


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