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  • Tony Johansen

Domestic Wastewater Treatment – A Better Solution for Drinking Water

The scarcity of pure drinking water isn’t something new to the present generation. Despite the fact that one-third of the world is encompassed with water, a very poor percentage of that is drinking water and that rises the needs for wastewater treatment in probably all the parts of the world. It is very important for us to save the drinking water as much as possible and most importantly, emerge with some innovative techniques that can help with this problem.

Here, at TMC Water Recycling, we have always been trying to serve this need and our domestic wastewater treatment is very helpful in this aspect. We realize that domestic areas are the main sources for wastewater and the domestic sewage is the outcome of the water. We use Domestic Membrane and the bioreactors of which are highly functional and specialized for domestic wastewater treatment.

The various needs of water usage in the human life

There are plenty basic needs of human life that cannot be served without water. This is very important for those purposes like; cooking, drinking, washing clothes, cleaning and etc. this is the reason we considered, residential areas to be the prime source of wastewater and with our best technology of purifying water will eventually eliminate the growing concerns of filtered drinking water worldwide.

Whenever it comes to the installation of the domestic MBRs in the domestic market of western Australia, we have already 10 systems installed in WA and each of them are in fully functional conditions and serviced with Ultraclear servicing. There is no other company in the WA area that is offering MBR with guaranteed servicing. More so, as there is pressure from the government regulators to improve the water way security, this MBR will receive increased support to protect the environment and to allow the recycling of the unrestricted water reuse.

Our advanced domestic wastewater treatment is not just capable of producing pure drinking water, it has also the advantage of producing the water with lesser maintenance and reduced expense.

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