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The Necessity of Septic Tank to Keep the Home Hygienic

A good home must have all the specified qualities in it. It must not only be well decorated but its other aspects like cleaning must also be looked after. If your house is very well decorated but do not have a proper drainage system, causing a rotten smell through the house then it will leave a bad impression about the home and its owners as well. So, sanitation measurement must also be kept in mind.A septic tank is a very essential component that comprises of a small sewage control system which is common in the areas that lack connection with the main pipes installed by private corporations or local Government bodies.

Such tanks are very efficient and a good treatment system for the underground waste water. They dispose and treat the household waste water without any hindrance. These are much more economical than the sewer system that is centralized. They are very simple in design making them less expensive to maintain and install. They do not need installation of long sewer lines as they are a natural process of treating the waste water, thus making them less disruptive for the environment.

Purpose and Functions of septic tanks:

  • Treats and collects the waste water.

  • Separation of sewage into 3 parts mainly, clear zone, middle zone and sludge zone.

  • Helps in the anaerobic digestion of the organic matters.

  • Co-related function with a specific design

  • Long term storage capacity.

  • Floatation of scum and setting solids for requiring a clam flow.

  • Function of it is used by making various filters.

  • Critical functioning and design is essential for improving its quality and efficiency.

Thus, a septic tank is very useful for the drainage system of the house keeping it neat and clean and also hygienic.

In the modern generation the septic tanks are also modified in ATU following several processes like:

  • Application to shrine decommission of the septic drains.

  • The septic in the drain being pumped out by a licensed contractor.

  • Both the structures of leach drain and septic tanks are removed.

  • Power and plumping required for installation of ATU.

  • Installation of irrigation.

  • Commissioning

  • Shire Inspection

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