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Quick Guide to Choosing the Best ATU Service Providers in Australia

The biological process in the treatment of effluent from municipalities and industries is an important process among the other wastewater treatment processes that are implemented at the effluent treatment plant. There are some of the processes which are there to implement the treatment but ATU is one of the most important processes in order to head with.

Basic information about this ATU service and its importance

This treatment process does involve the use of microbes in the effluent to digest the organic matter present in the wastewater. Aerobic treatment units are called as ATU services, which are self-contained with the electrical wastewater treatment systems. This system is apart from all other systems and also cannot be connected to the main sewerage system of the property.

This system is designed to receive and treat all household wastewater from every place of the house, like a toilet, bathroom, kitchen, and laundry and after collecting all the wasted water from these places of the property. This water treating system was designed in Western Australia and also designed to in the single houses to work in a safe and better way.

With the scaling up process and size, this ATU system can be developed and installed for the use of residential and non-residential developments. The larger systems do require the individual assessment and approval of the technical designs. If you are going to do a brief research on this water treating systems in other states, then you will know that they use aerated treatment system.

This aerated treatment system is nothing more advanced or anything added to it but you are likely to get this same water treating system called by that name in the other states. This system does consist of a series of treatment chambers combined with irrigation or drain disposal systems. The first chamber is similar to a conventional septic tank in that the wastewater enters.

After entering the first chamber the solids settle down to the bottom and after that, the chamber undergoes anaerobic digestion by bacteria and form a layer of sludge on the floor of that chamber. Scum, consisting of oils, grease, etc floats on the surface of the liquid and the partially clarified the wastewater flows into a second chamber.

On the second chamber, the liquid is mixed with air to assist bacteria to break down more of the finer suspended organic material and the third chamber allows additional clarification through the settling of suspended solids which are returned to the first chamber. The clarified effluent in the third chamber is of a high enough standard for it to be successfully disinfected usually by chlorination into the fourth chamber.

So, this is the entire process, you are supposed to get by the ATU service. To help you get the best service done in a proper way in Australia, we are TMC Water Recycling, and you can contact us for that purpose. We will help you to get the best service with the skilled technicians in this field.

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