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Aerated Treatment Unit – The Modern Method to Treat Wastewater

In Australia, one can see that the people residing here are highly cautious about their environment and soil. Most of the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors have installed wastewater treatment units. The initiative taken by the people has created a great impact on the irrigation system and water supply problems. The process has magnificently reduced the level of water pollution in the water bodies. The installation of septic tanks in the households was a common process until in the recent years. With the transition of time, new and advanced technology of the aerated treatment unit has been introduced in the country.

This is a modern method of treating wastewater flowing through the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Several property owners have switched over from the conventional method of septic tanks. Though the treatment and storage function is similar to septic tanks, but it comes with an advanced solution. Are you interested in learning more about it? Have a look at the pages continuing.

What is unique about the Aerated Treatment Unit?

This system is also referred to as aerobic treatment unit or ATU for its mechanism of using aerobic bacteria. The septic tanks are good for supplying water however, the heavy elements used to get stored at the bottom. The use of air pressure allows the aerobic bacteria converting an anaerobic environment into aerobic. This process is effective in treating the wastewater in a better way, thereby passing clear effluent into the sewage system.

The ATU is a modern technology used for generating better results than the anaerobic treatment. In fact, it can be installed and used in the sites where the conventional septic systems are not adjustable.

Some good reasons for installing the ATU:

Though several property owners have installed ATU on their property, but others opt for the septic tanks. There are some good factors that indicate the significance of installing the ATU. This includes:

• In areas having high ground water or shallow bed rocks the ATU is the ideal solution as the septic tanks are not meant for installation in those regions.

• In case, the existing septic tank has failed in operating perfectly, the new system can be used.

• The amount of wastewater developed in the commercial and industrial sectors are at a higher quantity. Hence, the aerated treatment unit is effective in treating the wastewater in these sectors.

• The space for the installation of a septic tank requires a bigger area than the ATU’s. Hence, for property owners having not sufficient space, the modern system is highly effective.

Meet the leading company for installation service

The process of installation of the aerated treatment unit needs the efficiency of skilled and trained professionals. Hence, the property owners in Australia hire the service of renowned companies. Our company ‘TMC Water Recycling’ is counted as one of the best in the field. We have been serving our clients for a decade in the installation of the wastewater treatment units. Hire our service for having the benefits of the systems at your property.

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