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Know Why You Must Have an Aerated Treatment Unit Installed

Every day gallons of fresh water are used for performing household activities that get converted into wastewater. The wastewater derived is further released and get dumped into the environment or into the freshwater bodies. This leads to polluting the natural resources of fresh water, thereby, bringing up the condition of water scarcity. However, now you can take a major step in reducing the wastage of water with the installation of the Aerated Treatment Unit. Even though septic tanks are considered as one of the best ways for treating wastewater, but the ATU gives a better service.

Let us make you learn more about the working mechanism of the wastewater treatment plant. We have also discussed some of the major benefits of installing the system in the passages below.

How does the Aerated Treatment Unit work on wastewater treatment?

Prior to making you learn about the benefits know the working process of the wastewater treatment system.

The wastewater flowing into the ATU gets treated by following 4 simple steps. This includes:

• The wastewater flows from the primary pre-treatment chamber to the secondary pre-treatment chamber. Here, anaerobic bacteria are used for partially digesting organic waste and the crust formed is slipped on to the next chamber.

• In the next chamber, due to the presence of aerobic bacteria, the remains of the organic waste get digested and cleared off.

• The third step involves water following into the clarification chamber for the final treatment. In this chamber, sludge is removed and the remaining liquid is flown back to the primary pre-treatment chamber.

• From here, the effluent liquid is released into the environment or retained for further use.

The benefits to be gained with the installation of ATU

Here are mentioned some of the major benefits of having an Aerated Treatment Unit in your property:

  • As compared to other wastewater treatment plants, the ATU’s provide a higher level of wastewater cleaning than other wastewater treatment systems. This means a better utilization of the money spent on it.

  • Another great benefit of the system is it elongates the life of the drain field. Most of the wastewater gets treated in the varied chambers of the ATU and the effluent flowing through the drain field contains minimal impurities.

  • This wastewater treatment system is also safe for the environment as it releases a proportionally reduced amount of nitrogen in the atmosphere.

  • These are also fit to be installed in places where it gets daunting to install the traditional septic tank systems.

Look no further, hire us for the service

Isn’t it beneficial in having the system installed in your residential property? Hire the professionals of ‘TMC Water Recycling’ for gaining the best quality Aerated Treatment Unit. Ours is a local and family owned business serving the people of the region for more than a decade. We have trained and experienced professionals efficient enough to offer clients complete ATU installation, ATU servicing, and ATU care services. Get in touch with our professionals for more information.

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